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Celebrating off-grid living and the tiny home revolution in the UK. Welcome to 'Nomads & tiny homes. Coming in 2022 to UK TV.

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"With Brexit, the emergence of Covid-19, and many other current economic uncertainties, there is a wave sweeping Great Britain; a growing movement of people, unfulfilled and seeking a better way of life. Global deforestation, climate change, our incessant pull on mother earth's natural resources - we realise that 'maybe one day' global concerns are now, and thousands of UK individuals and households are choosing to simplify their lives and reduce their environmental footprint. 


Although just a fraction of the population, often seen as 'outsiders', 'hippies', 'preppers' or worse, more and more people are beginning to seek a life off the grid or embracing the tiny house revolution.

Which raises several questions: Is it really possible to up sticks and straddle two worlds. Is it just a romantic dream or a credible lifestyle choice in modern Britain. And how does one even begin unshackling from a conventional lifestyle to take the plunge towards inner peace."  

Welcome to Nomads and tiny homes.

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Presented by Nicola Kelleher. Intrepid, curious and not afraid to get stuck in, Nicola has conducted many presenting roles over the past decade, including segments for The Gadget Show, ITV, QVC and Ideal World.   

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Co-presented by River Cottage's own Chef Mark Lloyd. A well seasoned outdoorsman and wild food warrior, Mark shows us how to subsidise our income by harvesting from the land and creating 'freegan' wild food banquets.   


Each episode we are introduced to an individual, couple or family who have made the leap from 'the norm' to a minimal impact lifestyle. We look into the decision making behind their changes, together with how their lives have changed as a result of setting themselves free from the rat race. 

Episode guests including renowned foragers Fraser Christian and Fergus Drennan. Catch it, cook it, eat it. 

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Show Structure

Meet homesteaders, nomads or tiny home dwellers living their best life in the UK today. Debating the pros and cons of all things off-grid or downsized. Discover the challenges and prejudices they face, and track their journey from conventional to a simpler way of life.

We evaluate lifestyle, cost of living, quality of life, practicality of lifestyle and provide our exclusive 'ENVIROSCORE' to compare with other show guests throughout the series.

In-show Featurettes

Off-Grid Tech: a 'Gadget Show' style section: Environmental experts road test the latest innovations in off-grid living technology. From innovative heating, power and lighting solutions to bringing traditional survival and homesteading practices into the modern world. 

Nature's Larder: Guest 'wild food' presenters from the world of sustainable living show us news ways to simplify our lives and eliminate the supermarket lifestyle. From dedicated 'Freegans', to renowned foragers and wild living experts we enter their world and sample the free delights of Nature's Larder from our own backyard.

The Debate: A round the table debate revolving around the 'us and them' preconceptions of 'checking out' from the modern world. Balancing the majority view of 'giving up' and seeking an unrealistic, non-productive, 'hippy' lifestyle, as opposed to seeking a better, more environmentally conscious, way of living.