DB Morgan is a screenwriter, author and award winning director born and bred in Colchester, Essex, UK. An autistic mental health survivor, vocal advocate for #ownvoices works and proud family ambassador for

DB is a producer and director of independent British films, who understands how to wring every ounce from the most meagre of budgets.

He gained a reputation as a serious first-time filmmaker when casting big TV/film names for his debut short film "Hard Sell": Craig Fairbrass (Cliffhanger/Rise Of The Footsoldier/London Heist/The Bank Job), Karl Howman (The Sweeney/Brush Strokes/Eastenders) and Chrissie Cotterill (Nil By Mouth/Doctor Who/Bad Girls).


Winner of a 2009 MTV short film competition and official selections at several international short film festivals for his 2015 short film, "Little Man" - budgeted at just £50.  

From there, DB's passion and experience for film has flourished. Following a long hiatus following the tragic death of daughter Jodi in 2010,  DB has now completed his first two feature films, "Faith" - currently winning awards on the international festival circuit - and "Room Sixteen", due to enter festivals from Summer 2021.

As a mental health survivor, anxiety sufferer and general all-round underdog, DB Morgan is proud to welcome under-represented and minority groups into all of his filmmaking exploits. Having trialled his 'youth involvement project' during the shoot of his 2010 (MTV competition winning) short film, "Subject 3", he quickly learned that everybody has something to offer in a creative environment and crew members on the autism/Asperger's spectrum especially came away empowered and motivated from their experiences on set.

We are always looking for funding by way of grants, sponsorships and investment. We have, to date, raised well over £100,000 from non traditional industry sources and private investment, relying on dexterity and resourcefulness to power our cinematic journey.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a self-funded multi award-winning boutique production house. Having earned our stripes and industry respect over the past twelve years, we now feel comfortable with fund seeking and welcome grant assistance from the relevant UK creative funding bodies. 

From our ethos of working with under represented and marginalised youths on our film sets under 'the Underdog Crew' initiative, to structuring our management teams as predominantly female led, we constantly seek ways to even out the playing field and enhance our #allequal mission statement.


Our productions are designed around a minimal carbon footprint, working prominently with LED lighting and sustainable power solutions. We source local talent where possible and bring worthy interns in from our local college and university media study courses. We lead the way with open set days and always seek to incorporate the local area into our projects.


We are the sustainable future of British independent film. 

When I was younger, I never really believed in myself, I never really had confidence in many things. From issues from my childhood. My parents suffer from mental illness and it was really tough. I always felt like I couldn’t achieve anything, and I have nothing to show to the world. I had a dark stage in my life dealing with a lot of suicidal thoughts. But I overcame it. This team and film have given me a sense of purpose, and the title alone just shows how I feel now in life.


              (Part of the UNDERDOG CREW)

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